Rich Colours

Luxurious gold with intricate detailing has long been the flavour when nothing else will do for your special artwork. A popular choice for high-end works when framing oil on canvas/board. The rich colours are really brought to life when offset against the beautiful tones that can only be seen fully in the flesh.

We offer a wide range of gold mouldings to suit classic, glamerous or minimalist styles.

Clean Fresh Classic

Box frames offer a lot of flexibility for mounting options and white is a popular choice for contemporary artworks because it makes the colours really pop.

Deep Spacer

Setting the piece back form the glass gives a sense of depth within the frame and helps to accent the mount style.

Shadow Float

Floating the artwork above the backing adds a wonderful three-dimensional effect by creating a space for shadow to cast within the mount area.

Framing Treasured Memories

At Severn Frames we understand that rosettes, medals, signed shirts and memorabilia can be priceless to our clients and collectors. Conservation framing adds longevity of life, protects items, and offers a variety of beautifully finished results.

We have framed a huge range of specialist and memorabilia objects. Please let us know if your specialist item is part of a limited edition or holds a set market value. Some items can decrease in desirability or overall value when framed using certain processes.

We would love to opportunity to bring your ideas into reality for your next framing project.

Our range of specialist materials is vast so please get in touch to discuss your framing ideas. We offer affordable and luxurious framing without compromising on our high quality craftsmanship.


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